Stay Strong in these Covid Times

What is needed more than ever before at this time in history is a positive outlook, coupled with good health, immunity and some strategic, wise thinking like ‘Tagra Raho’, Stay Strong, says REENA SINGH

Age-old wisdom tells us that a positive outlook helps you cruise along life’s path happily, healthily with style and verve. If this is true, then how come so many people have succumbed to Covid? So many have gone in a trice, in just one fateful month? 

All sense of Indian philosophy then deserts you ― of looking upon death as a mere change of clothes, for certainly many of the people who’ve gone were still in the prime of their youth, and with many decades still to go. Destiny suddenly cut short their path. Why? 

But whatever is in store for us, positivity alone won’t work unless you also apply some sense of practicality and logic to it. Work on your immunity, keep cheerful and positive, take your zinc supplements and vitamin C and certainly make sure that you get enough of natural sunlight. And if you are deficient in Vitamin D, get in touch with your doctor and order your pack of D3, 60K or a maintenance dose to be on the safe side. 

Follow age-old Ayurveda prescriptions based on tulsi, kadha, turmeric and a host of other herbs. But combine all this with hand hygiene, sanitisers and masks ― the recommended ones, not those fancy, ethnic cloth masks that does nothing to keep the virus out and is a mere fashion statement. Many people have now taken to wearing two masks ― your fancy cloth one below fortified with a Rs 10 ordinary surgical mask on the outside. Two is better than one. I am not making that up ― it came direct from a well-known pulmonologist that all channels are so busy interviewing these days. 

He also suggested that you keep your social distance norms strong inside the house. So, keep your 6 feet distance from others in the house and maintain different meal times, so that close interaction with people who go in and out of the house all the time is minimal. That’s the right way to go about things. You can sit close, hug and huddle together as soon as experts certify times as safe. 

Some of you must have surely watched the viral video on Tagra Raho that the diligent daughter of an officer of the Assam Rifles recently posted online. The pleasant-faced speaker tells you how the phrase originated a few decades ago by the Assam Rifle’s commanding officer during the 60s, the late Major General S C Barbora. 

He would tell his men, ‘Tagra Raho’ as a greeting, whenever he met them. It implies that you must work on your health and make sure that you remain healthy and strong to fight any eventuality. It is so relevant in today’s time. It implies that you keep your immunity super strong, keep your weight in check, normalise your blood sugar levels and keep your Vitamin D level high; with this alone, half the battle is won. 

More than ever before, this is exactly what we need at this time in our life. Tagra Raho. Therefore, we must remain fit and tagra, in letter and in spirit, and in body, mind and soul if we have to win the fight against this killer virus. Let Tagra Raho, henceforth be our battle cry, to win the war against this virus.

Watch the video on Tagra Raho and the story behind it in this video on Facebook through this link:

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