Chaddi Buddies Review

Ginger & Cardamom: An Endearing Story

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Revenge of the Naked Princess


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History Come Out Of Its Folds To Haunt Us
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Awesome Historical Thriller
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: Brilliant Storytelling and Characterisation


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The Newsroom Mafia


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The Newsroom Mafia coverage in Times of India’s What’s Hot

Tmes of India

A  very good read. To use a journalists’ cliché, this book is a ‘scoop’; the ‘real’ deal about the unholy nexus between the underworld, the government and the Fourth Estate. A fast-paced, no nonsense novel, it explains in surprising detail, the intertwined fellowship between the
system and the ‘unsystematic’ underworld … it beautifully explores the various minutiae of Mumbai’s dreaded underbelly … enunciates the multifaceted working of a news house and the typical rapport shared between the scribes and the police as also the scribes and the mafia.


This  book is a film crying to be made. A racy read, it is also a roman à clef of sorts that lifts the lid on the murky goings-on in the world of newspapers, the police, the underworld and politics … a scathing indictment of corruption in newspapers … details the way articles are planned and stymied and even planted. If you want to know about life in Mumbai before the invasion of television and long before Dawood Ibrahim took over, this book is a wonderful ride.

Deccan Herald

 Through this work of fiction, journalist Oswald Pereira manages to bring out the bitter truth of what goes behind the news … It is more like investigative journalism at its best but won’t find a place  in any newspaper. The harsh truths tumbling out are severe indictments of a noble profession debauched by unscrupulous scribes. Pereira’s expose on the dirty deeds of some black sheep is a timely reminder when the Indian media scene is witnessing a churning process.

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Oswald Pereira’s Interview with Storizen

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Oswald Pereira and Reena Singh’s Cover Story on Corruption in Times of India’s The Speaking Tree

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