Friend Beloved God

We will be happier beings if we all strive to develop a perfect friendship with God, says OSWALD PEREIRA

Friend Beloved God ― that’s the most powerful way of addressing Divinity.  The address strikes a chord in our hearts and souls, at once bringing us close to God. We can then talk to Him and listen to what he says, because as friends, we would understand each other and know what is expected of each other.

A God whom we ought to fear and watch at every step, is not a God, but more like a policeman. A God to whom we run to, seeking favours and the good things in life is not really a God. A God who punishes and rewards us according to our deeds is not a God, but more like a judge.

God like any best friend knows our every weakness and helps us overcome them by guiding us, rather than condemning us for our human faults and failings. As a friend would be, He is there through thick and thin. In every breath we take; in every moment of our life, our Friend Beloved God is there by our side.

When I think of God as a friend, the following hymn or song springs forth.

What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and grief to bear
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer

Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness
Take it to the Lord in prayer

(The name of Jesus can be substituted by the God of your choice)

My friendship with God hasn’t always been smooth sailing. It’s been a case of falling in and out with God in my childhood and adult days as well. But like good friends, we always make up, hug and bury our differences. God really doesn’t take offence and is always willing to forgive and forget, for he understands the reasons for my anguish.

In the Catholic school that I studied, religion was taught to Christians, though it was not added in the academic rank. Non-Christians were taught moral science. I scored the highest marks in religion and received lovely, hardbound books as a reward.

But those were also the years when I constantly quarrelled with God. At night, when everyone was asleep at home, I would kneel down in front of the altar in our living room and blast God, accusing him of being unjust in allowing differences in the rich and poor.

“Why are my best friends, poor? What are you doing up there?” I would ask Him, angrily.

Jim Carrey (right) as a reporter in Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman as God (as a friend)

I got no answer then and haven’t got an answer to that question till date. But, still I know, God is listening. Friends on earth can’t expect the moon from each other. Similarly, though God and humans are friends, we can’t expect Him to fulfil all our wishes and answer all our questions.

The Bhagavad Gita is known as The Song of God. But to me it is also the song of friendship between Krishna and Arjun. While the Divinity of Krishna is inspiring, His humanity and friendship with Arjun is equally moving.

The Krishna-Arjun relationship is a perfect story of friendship between man and God.

I believe, we all will be happier beings if we strive to develop that perfect friendship with God.

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