The Krishna-Christ Connexion: May Change Your Perception of the Gita and the Bible

The Krishna-Christ Connexion attracted glowing reviews from book reviewers and readers. Poet and entrepreneur Preeta Chandran said, “A deep, thought provoking book on the oneness of the universe and the diversity of thoughts and beliefs, written in such a simple, light manner. I haven’t given it 5 stars just because the subject is one after my own heart, but because I have never ever seen it written in a manner that’s so easy to comprehend and leaves you wanting for more. A beautiful book, this made a connexion directly with the heart.”

Book reviewer Rajan Mogha, who is an engineer by profession said, “This book has an interesting premise. Is God (or his incarnation Krishna or son Jesus) limited by geographical boundaries? Is God not universal, omnipresent, omniscient and all pervasive? Are religions man-made or not?” He adds, “The book is light-hearted, but the message is not, and if someone takes offence, he is missing the point.”

Another reviewer Aparna Rayapeddi said the book is “awesome and brilliantly thought-provoking.” Reviewer Jenny Arora said “the book might change the way you perceive the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible.”

Editor, writer and holistic healer Prabhath Prabhakaran said, “Oswald Pereira has written an unconventional book, creating an intriguing mix of fact, fiction, philosophy and satire. With humour, the author makes the readers think about serious issues.”

He adds: “In a world plagued by religious and political animosities, this book emphasises the need to recognise the essential unity hidden beneath the mythologies and philosophies of different religions. Pereira ridicules the hypocritical and manipulative brand of contemporary politics through the funny encounters of Christ and Krishna with politicians. The writing style is simple and the language sharp.”

The book begins with an interesting meeting of Krishna and Christ in the high heavens: “Screech…the sound echoes in space and reverberates in the high heavens above, as Lord Krishna applies sudden brakes to avert a head-on collision with Lord Jesus Christ. Both Gods are travelling to earth on important spiritual missions – Krishna to India and Christ to the US.”

 It’s apparent that there’s a grave error in the timing of their itineraries, for the Gods always travel at different times. But the two Gods are happy to meet. They hug and shed joyful tears, celebrating their divine connexion and their oneness – they both belong to one Supreme Being. In an epiphanic moment, Krishna and Christ decide to swap destinations and exchange roles – and so, slipping into each other’s shoes, Krishna travels to the US, and Christ to India.

Will they succeed in propagating each other’s teachings and prove that they are one? Will Krishna spread Christ’s teachings as if they are his own? Will Christ speak like he is Krishna?

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