Music for the Soul

Music can help you to evolve into a better human being and grow emotionally and spiritually, says ARJUN PEREIRA

Did we really know what kind of music was right for us when we were young and immature? Should the music and songs we listen to, be regulated by our parents or guardians when we are young and more impressionable?

Our musical tastes tend to change a lot over the years as we grow older and have different life experiences, and even as our priorities and goals change over the years.

I remember when I was younger, I would revel while listening to controversial hard rock songs and rap music, thinking that I am being very rebellious and that it helps me to be more energetic, creative and aggressive.

Arjun Pereira

Upon growing older, I realised that this rebellion and aggressiveness with the crutch of music did little in helping me to appreciate music. The music of hard rock bands, shock rockers and rappers is needlessly loud, aggressive, abusive, immature and agitating; and once you grow a bit older, you realise that their songs and music are not ‘the best’ or ‘cool’, as they don’t promote higher emotions like happiness, love, affection, and serenity.

Whether they are technically better or worse than pop, jazz, classical or any other style or genre of music, is a question that perhaps only a music professor will be able to answer.

Perhaps, the artist also matures or becomes wiser with age or new experiences. Even singers and musicians are after all complex personalities and it is erroneous to judge them on the basis of one song or one album or even their music. Interestingly, what they are in their personal life may be distinct from their music.

There are so many factors which can determine their present time state, whether it is the zeitgeist or mood of the era, what they think or what the record companies think will generate more sales for their albums or singles.

It is also wrong to assume that all singers who do the heavy stuff are on drugs or alcohol; they might well be clean or moderate consumers of alcohol.  There is also the impact of cultural influences like which city or country they live in, which adds another layer to their music, songs or albums.

Even artists as you can see in some songs of The Beatles and Pink Floyd are trying to be more spiritual, happy or serene, amidst the defeatist or melancholic tones of some of their most popular songs.

A great example is George Harrison’s song, My Sweet Lord, with lyrics like,

I really want to see you
Really want to be with you
Really want to see you, Lord
But it takes so long, my Lord

My sweet Lord.

Or the Pink Floyd song, Coming Back To Life, the chorus of which goes like this,

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life.

Both songs represent a yearning for connecting to the Divine.

Music and songs can help you to connect to your higher self, to the Divine or to stir up a reactive or negative mind.  Both the performers and the listeners have the freedom to choose between good and bad music.

I believe, music can help you to evolve into a better human being and grow emotionally and spiritually.

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