Illuminate the World with Unity on Christmas

On Christmas today, discover the true Christ, the messiah of love and unity ― in whose worlds, both here and above, all are one and equal, where  no one, including God, is a king ― and no one is a subject or subservient to the other, says OSWALD PEREIRA

As we celebrate Christmas today, Christians should look for Christ not only in churches, but also in temples, mosques, gurdwaras and other places of worship. Seeking Christ in places of worship associated with other religions will give Him a universal appeal and spread the feeling of religious coexistence and unity of people.

Christians need to shed the image of royalty that is attached to Christ, who is referred to as Christ the King. Let us remember that Christ was born in a manger ― a trough or box in which fodder is laid for cattle. It were his followers who built ornate churches in His name and surrounded themselves with luxury and riches.

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There is a feast of Christ the King and a Church of the Lord, Christ the King, built in the US. However, pomp and riches and heaven don’t go hand-in-hand. As the Bible itself states, “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”We are neither honouring nor are we showing our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by ascribing a honorific to His name, which he needs the least. This only shows our obsession with pomp and royalty and our tendency to make Christ a God who resides in a high, fancy, exclusive heavenly abode, the exclusive privilege of a select elite group.To my simple mind, Christ doesn’t reside in a palace or kingdom, but in our hearts, minds and souls. He doesn’t belong to an exclusive class of Christians ― Christ wasn’t even a Christian ― but dwells within all humans, irrespective of race or region, and, of course, religion.

On Christmas today, it is my fervent plea and hope that Christians see Christ in every human being, forgetting religious differences ― saying goodbye to that claim of exclusivity ― merging and uniting with the whole of mankind.

The great yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda said, “The Infinite Christ is everywhere; worship His nativity in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and other true religious temples.”

He added, “Since the Cosmic Christ dreamed into existence the divine being that is man, you should celebrate the birth of Christ in your newly awakened equal love for every nationality and race.”

This Christmas let us celebrate the unity of the human race and endeavour to bring in equality between people and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.

Jesus Christ: The Supreme Yogi (Pic Courtesy:

On this Christmas day, let each of us make giving rather than receiving gifts, our pledge.

Let us pray that Christ on his birthday today, in partnership with Krishna, Allah, Buddha and all the other Divine manifestations that people believe in, blesses us with a new world and illuminates it with unity.

With Omicron, the new variant of Coronavirus hitting the world, Christmas celebrations are subdued. Rather than sulking that the virus is a killjoy, we should quietly adapt to the circumstances and spend time in silent prayer and meditation.

In the stillness and silence of our higher self, in our super consciousness, we will discover the true Christ, the messiah of love and unity ― in whose worlds, both here and above, all are one and equal … no one, including God, is a king ― and no one is a subject or subservient to the other.

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