Basic Editing

  • Corrections of punctuation and spelling, grammatical mistakes like sentence fragmentation and errors in subject-verb agreement.

Substantive Editing Including Rewriting

  • All aspects of basic editing
  • Correcting mismatch in tenses.
  • Addressing parallelisms
  • Eliminating use of sexist, racist, and other inappropriate language
  • Identification of inappropriate figures of speech
  • Changing passive voice to active voice where appropriate
  • Ensuring a consistent style and tone
  • Attention to the structure, organisation, and concepts, as well as ensuring an appropriate pace, and clear focus
  • Eliminating wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon
  • Improving flow, positioning sentences to improve readability
  • Rewriting all awkward sentences

Editorial Consultancy

For Authors, Publishers and Literary Agents

  • Evaluation of manuscripts.
  • Detailed critique of manuscripts with suggestions for improvement in plot, characters as well as chapter-wise suggestions for improvements
  • Editing of manuscripts

Corporate Training

  • Day-long English Language Workshops at the company’s site
  • Group and Individual Training Sessions of varying duration, depending on the company’s needs.


  • World Bank
  • Plan India
  • Genpact elearning
  • Liqvid elearning
  • Vikas Publishing
  • Leadstart Publishing
  • Writer’s Side


Mr. Oswald Pereira has been very punctual and diligent in editing for Plan India. It is pleasant working with him.
- C. P. Arun, Technical Advisor – Household Economic Security, Plan India Country Office