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Beautiful World

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By Oswald Pereira

The world is full of lovely, loving, beautiful people. Don’t let a miniscule minority of so-called bad persons spoil the party. Let us not shun the party poopers, but invite them to join the party. When we learnt to type, we use to bang away ‘Let all good men of the world unite and come to the aid of the party.’ Let’s make this typing lesson a slogan in our lives.

If we look at the positives, we will realise that the world is a good place to live in. So good, almost perfect is the world. The sun shines every day, the moon lights up the darkness of the night and the stars have been shining for ever in the skies. No doubt, we have ups and downs in our lives and we often talk of our bad luck. But if we count our blessings, we will realise how lucky we really are.
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Negligible Evil
I don’t deny that there is evil around and there are so-called bad persons. But they are in a miniscule minority, barely a fraction of the good people. We often think that the might and power of evil is stronger than the good. That happens when we cloud our outlook with negativity. But it is in the law of nature that good always triumphs over evil, in the end. You just need to have faith in yourself and your near and dear ones and the world around you. (more…)

The Best Karma Is Love

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Karma is among the most used, yet misused and misunderstood concepts today. Yes, it is said that as you sow so shall you reap. More simply  it means what goes around comes around. Put more explicitly it can be said that your deeds, good or bad, will be repaid to you in kind.

All this boils down to the principle of cause and effect, which is what Karma basically is. This is quite a scientific, yet commonsense concept. For isn’t it commonsense that tells you that if you plant weeds in your garden, it won’t yield flowers. You don’t even need to know the law or concept of Karma to understand this.