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Revenge of the Naked Princess


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: Oswald Pereira is the subcontinent’s Stephen King
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A Freshly Baked, Compelling Read
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The Newsroom Mafia


Mid Day : Exposes the ugly underbelly of the journalism profession
The Telegraph:The Newsroom Mafia has a chilling ring of truth to it
Tehelka:The Newsroom Mafia is a daring book that reads like a political thriller


Sakaal Times: The book is my labour of love for the journalism profession
The Telegraph: The Newsroom Mafia may be made into a feature film
Helter Skelter: Fact from Fiction in The Newsroom: It’s hard to tell The characters in the book may be based on real life journalists

Reviews on Book Sites and Book Blogs

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Brilliant Job, says Ginger and Cardamon
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More Than A Page Turner, says TV Producer Rituparna Ghosh
Scores in Action, Emotion and Drama, says Dream
An Exciting Thriller, says Winnowed


On the launch of The Newsroom Mafia on 8 December 2011 in Mumbai

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